5 key tips to lose weight and keep it off

Learn top 5 key tips to lose weight to follow this guide:

Weight loss is something that goes beyond the physical, it is shown that people need to balance it to be in good health and prevent disease.

In a world so underfed and sedentary as we live, thousands of individuals have to fight every day against overweight and obesity, conditions that are already considered a disease risk involved.

Burn fat and reduce weight is not something that is achieved in the overnight and less if multiple efforts are made.

top 5 key tips to lose weight

5 key tips to lose weight and keep it off

In addition to eliminating diet foods that prevent weight loss, it is also important to adopt an exercise routine and other good habits, as they play an essential role in achieving the goal: lose kilos and not win them again.

This goal is to reach much wants but few manage to maintain it properly. Therefore, today we will share the 5 key tips that help preserve that ideal weight forever.

  1. Check the intake of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are present in greater or lesser extent in almost all foods and are important to moderate your intake to lose weight.

One way to consume only a small amount is using tables glycemic index (GI), which make choosing the right foods, helping to reduce the production of fatty tissue.

Moreover, the use of these elements also helps to vary the foods to avoid getting bored eating always the same.

Do you want to know more? Lee: Simple carbohydrates or complex carbohydrates?

  1. Do not choose diets “miracle”

Lose kilos and kilos in a matter of days? Yes, it may be possible, but with much suffering and effort. The problem is that the popular “miracle diets” involving multiple risks and, in most cases, only give temporary results.

I explain. This kind of “meal plans” can generate dangerous rebound effect for failing to meet the nutritional requirements needed by the body to work smoothly.

In addition, completion of the days of the diet, it is likely that the feeling of anxiety prevails and again lead to eating too many calories.

Therefore, it is best to lose weight with patience, by adopting a balanced and healthy diet as, for example, the Mediterranean diet.

  1. Eat more healthy fats

You might think that to achieve the objective must be to eliminate all fat from the diet, the number of calories they usually contain.

However, it is important to know that just as there are unhealthy fats like saturated, there are also essential fatty acids that the body needs to function to some extent in perfect condition.


  1. Exercise every day

No time for the gym? For there is no excuse for not exercising every day, because you can just spend 30 minutes a walk or other activities to receive the benefits of this good habit.

Physical movements accelerated heart rate, improve metabolism and are the most effective way to reduce body fat while muscle mass is gained. Please read: 6 relaxation exercises recommended for sleep peacefully.

Jumping on a trampoline is an effective way to lose weight. You can also enjoy while jumping on a trampoline. Not only the small, rebounder one but some big trampoline can be an awesome recreation tool for the whole family of yours. Kids love a lot to jump on a trampoline. Before you buy a trampoline I will recommend you to have a look at this www.pickmytrampoline.com blog. There you will find best trampoline reviews, buying guide and lot more about trampoline.

  1. Eat a good breakfast

The rush in the morning, laziness cooking so early and many other reasons could be the perfect excuse for not eating a healthy breakfast.

5 key tips to lose weight

5 key tips to lose weight and keep it off

What few people know it is that this meal is perhaps the most important for a healthy weight and better physical performance on the day.

Therefore, you leave the unhealthy habit of taking a simple coffee or tea and take the time to prepare and eat a full breakfast.

  • Ideally, this first meal of the day include:
  • Calories: From 20 to 25% of daily intake.
  • Carbohydrates: Between 50 and 60% of total calories breakfast.
  • Protein: High quality as they provide milk, meat egg or some derivative.

Fats: They must represent 25% of total calorie breakfast and can come from cereals, dairy products or eggs.

Vitamins and minerals present in large amounts in fruits and vegetables, which can be eaten in its natural form or juice.

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