How to Choose the Best Balance Bike

Balance bikes are a great way for children to enjoy and learn how to ride a bike before actually moving on to the real thing. It is considered to be a better way to learn than depending on training wheels. This article will help you to choose the best balance bike for your kids and also some great views on balance bike.

How does balance bike help children learn how to ride a bike? Unlike bikes with training wheels that lets the children enjoy the ride without worrying about their balance, balance bikes removes the pedals and brakes and lets the children focus entirely on balancing.

How to Choose the Best Balance Bike

This helps the children learn to balance riding a bike and give them the confidence to enjoy riding one. Soon enough they will be ready to take on the real thing and just needs to focus on learning how to pedal.

So how do we choose the best balance bikes for our kids? There are a lot of different types to choose from and each one has their own good qualities.

First thin to consider is the size of the bike. Too big and you child will struggle using it. Not only will the child not enjoy the ride, it can also be dangerous as they may not have the strength to keep it upright and fall down.

You also don’t want to have a small balance bike that your child will quickly outgrow and end up buying a bigger one. It will just get you to spend more than you want to.

Balance bikes with adjustable seats are great. The more adjustability it has the better as this will allow you to adjust the seats as your child grows bigger. This is really great if you have more than one child that will be using it.

You also need to think about the type of material for the frame. They usually come in wood, steel, aluminum, and composite metal

Steel Frames

  • Heavy
  • Can support more weight up to 240 lbs.
  • Prone to rust

Aluminum Frames

  • Lighter than Steel frames
  • Can only support up to 75 lbs.
  • Can last longer than steel frames

Wooden Frames

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Weight capacity is entirely dependent on wood used
  • Less adjustable than metal frames

Composite Metal Frames

  • Light-weight
  • Can support as much as metal frames
  • Does not rust


Lastly, you have to consider the type of wheels on your balance bike. There are 4 main types of tires that include foam, pneumatic (air), plastic, and rubber.

Foam, plastic, and rubber tires are cheaper and will never go flat. The downside to them is that they do not provide any cushioning and are more prone wear and tear. They are best for indoor and smooth surfaces.

Pneumatic (air) tires provide the best cushioning and are great for rough terrains. The cons are that they are prone to punctures bit can easily be fixed with sealants.

Having turning limiters are great additions as they prevent full rotations making them a lot safer for your children.

So before buying the best balance bike for your child, you have to consider the qualities of the various types and choose one that will be the best suit your needs. And don’t forget to always have your child wear a helmet and safety gears when riding their balance bike.

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