Easy method to create a professional looking family video

If you are planning to film your family or your friends, and you want some tips so that it is not an embolus for the victims who have to see it later, here’s an adaptation of the tips of Extreme Makeover to create a professional looking family video.

Before recording your family video

  • Relax first and do the video for fun.
  • Remember that the video is to show the family or friends and the place they are (be it a party, vacation, social event, or whatever). Are all the ones you want to appear in the video together? It is a good idea to get everyone to say something at some point after all that is a unique and unrepeatable occasion. So think that you’re going to have to check that the shy of the group say more than monosyllables and show a somewhat acceptable smile.
create a professional looking family video

Easy method to create a professional looking family video

Recording to Home Video


In this part of the video, you will see a wedding, a birthday, a graduation, a weekend at the beach. And also who are the protagonists: family, couple, friends, colleagues, colleagues, etc.

Depending on the case, you could include presentations of each person (for example, if it is the video of your graduation and there will be the university companions that almost no member of your family knows).

A good way to do this introduction is to make a general plan of the place of the event, then one of the group and then to close the image slowly in the faces of the people when they appear.

Anyway, it is always good to play with your creativity and personal touch.

Showing a place

Suppose you want to film the fabulous hotel you booked in a heavenly place. The best way to do this is for a person to always be in front of the camera, telling what we see (not the truisms, of course) or details that may be interesting to the viewer. It can be some celebrity that has stayed in the hotel, some curious data of the construction, a visual detail that cannot be seen more than in person…


Surely you will not play the journalist with your friends, but perhaps it is a good occasion to leave immortalized a series of questions and answers that, over the years, will be a priceless memory.

Making a person sit in front of a camera and begin to narrate their experience at the moment is not easy, but if you follow the point 1 about relaxing and enjoy the experience will surely achieve.

This is a good time to be sensitive, emotional and sincere. Showing yourself with an open heart will make the video of Grandma’s birthday one of the most beautiful memories that every member of the family can achieve.


Final greetings

They may or may not be, but they should always be optimistic and cheerful. In case the greeting is replaced by a photo compilation or something, it should also show the joy of the event, the reason for the summarized video in pictures and music.

Basic Tips on Handling the Video Camera

Whoever manages the camera should only do that. Avoid talking if you have been assigned that job and you want the video to be an expert.

  • Angles are important and “air” spaces around a person as well. Avoid cutting your feet and show a large space over your head when you make a shot of the speaker in front of the camera.
  • If you interact from outside the camera with the person being recorded do not “step” your voice with comments from you. Remember that personal cameras have the built-in microphone and your voice will be heard and not hers. Respect the speaking shifts.
  • If possible, people in front of the camera avoid sudden movements, because the lens does not capture the movements as quickly as our eyes.
  • If it is the day, do not stand in front of windows that reflect a lot of light. Anyone in front of the camera will look like a dark spot. Depending on the case, it may be better to darken the room by closing the curtains and turning on the lights.
  • Turn off radio, TV or anything that makes annoying noises. And also avoid pets that are inconvenient for recording.
  • The ideal is that you have a tripod, but if you do not have to try to find a fixed point of support to capture the shots. They can be stacked books, some furniture, etc.
  • No one should chew gum in front of or in the operation of the camera.
  • That the person interviewed does not sit on chairs or armchairs noisy or that annoying noise will be recorded.
  • As much as possible, take care of the appearance of whoever is in front of the camera. It does not have to look like a movie star, but at least be minimal minded.

…so enjoy.


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