How to choose Delta Children’s City Street Side by Side Stroller

Are you looking for the easiest best lightweight stroller that has a lightweight frame, compact fold umbrella for an easy travel and storage? With Delta Children Street Side by Side Stroller, Black style and comfort can easily go hand in hand with you and your babies. This stroller is designed in order to accommodate your growing family. And it features numerous storage, parent-cup holder, and a 5 point harness for optimum safety and peace of mind. Keep on reading this review to understand all about this stroller – its features, wheeling system, customer’s review and many more.

how to choose delta children’s city street

How to choose Delta Children’s City Street Side by Side Stroller

Wheeling Mechanism – How Easy it is to Move Around

This stroller is elegant, functional and very handy in handling 2 baby passengers with ease and safety. This Delta Stroller is fitted with 360 degree shock absorbing swivel front wheels that make the stroller to move the 2 toddlers easily whereas it feeling like just handling one. With this kind of wheeling system, you can definitely experience the real convenience of stroller’s main purpose. Your toddlers will experience an ultimate comfort, while you are experiencing a full convenience. Moreover, with its shock absorbing swivel front wheels, your toddlers will be experiencing less shock impacts in rocky and crack ways. Its dual 6 wheels glide very smoothly on flat surfaces as well as on rough terrains without worrying about the wheels getting jammed.

Folding System – Can You Effortlessly Pack This Stroller Up?

Delta Children City Stroller is a light and compact side by side stroller that folds down well and consumes a decent storage space. The assembled dimension is 30 inches in length, 33 inches in width, and 36.5 in height, which made it fit for a 30 inches doorway. When being collapsed, it is 52 inches long and 17 inches in width with a 42 inches circumference. What makes this more amazing is that the stroller’s collapsed height can even be adjusted down to 15 inches by placing the sun visors, wheels, and handles at the end. This stroller folds and unfolds very easily however; you would need to use two of your hands. The wheels have breaks as well so you can place it in an upright position without rolling to the floor.

Safety Mechanism – Could it protect Your Little Ones?

This stroller has 3 point harness system that can keep your baby safely strapped while riding the stroller. This ensures the safe of your baby and for you, you are provided a cup holder with two points of attachment and two storage for hanging bags that makes your walking experience fun, practical and secured. This stroller has certification from JPMA, meets and even exceeds the standards of ASTM, and conforms the entire standards of CPSC. For an optimum safety, it is recommended to use up to 35 lbs. in each seat. In this way, you can get to experience a safe, easy and comfortable transport of your 2 loved ones in a great single stroller.

Materials for Seat and Padding – How Comfortable it is for Your Children

DX stroller has a durable sport black colored fabric that makes the stroller look stylish become sturdy. This is tested and proven not to have lead and other toxic finishing elements. As a matter of fact, it has reached the standards set by ASTM and the government. However, the canopy on this stroller only supplies a minimum amount of shade that would require you to bring extra blankets in order to cover your baby when you’re planning to go and use this on a sunny, hot day. The stroller also has a good footrest for your baby.

Handle Bar – Will It Exhaust You in the Long Run?

The stroller is made from a weight reducing frame that is lightweight – light enough to be pushed as if it is a single stroller. Beside the handle bar, there comes two attachment points, which is obviously made for placing drinking bottles and another two hanging storage for diapers if you don’t want to carry backpack diaper bag, travel items and many more. You can also place your backup hung on the handles but you need to make sure that the weight of the bag is within the weight limit of the stroller. In terms of the handle bars, it is placed a bit lower in the stroller to be pushed around comfortably without hunching over your back. If you are at least 5`5 ft. in height, the handle will be slightly near your body that will make you kick the wheels on center back occasionally.

Customer Reviews – from Parents Who Bought it before You

This stroller received a total of 4.4 star rating, which have been loved by many customers. According to them, they are extremely pleased with the purchase especially when traveling or going out for fun. For mother of twins, they consider this stroller as the most perfect tool they needed. Because of the fact that this is lightweight and easy to fold and unfold, this stroller provided them the convenient that they have wished for in a stroller.

Conclusion + Special Deal

Stroller’s purpose is definitely for convenience, ease of use, and comfort for babies. If you are looking for those qualities for a very affordable price, then Delta Children City Street side by side stroller is the one perfect for you.


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