How to Create a Promotional Video for promote Your Business

A video is a great way to show potential customers everything that your establishment can offer them. Based on our conversations with those owners who have made their own videos, we have put together some suggestions to help you create professional-looking recordings and highlight the best aspects of your business.

Where do I begin?


Before you start recording, decide which aspects of your establishment you want to highlight. Think about what distinguishes you from the competition and create a video that focuses on those features.


Creating a storyboard or a sketch of the sequence of images you want to include is a fantastic way to visualize your content before you start recording. In addition, it is useful to run a preliminary draft that you can use to fine-tune your ideas and execution. Smaller, subtle enhancements, and a short essay can drastically improve the end product.


What equipment do I need?




Basically, there are two types of devices: specific camcorders and digital cameras / smartphones. If you want to record a professional quality promotional video, it is preferable to use a camcorder.




It is highly recommended to use a tripod when recording. This basic accessory can make the difference between professional or amateur video quality. Even a cheap one can serve you; As long as you prevent the camera from moving, you will get wonders for your final product.




You will need to decide whether to include background music in your video or present a speaker who speaks directly to the camera. Note that the video will be viewed by people from different countries who may not understand the voice-over language.


If you choose a speaker, it is probably worth investing in a good microphone. Many camcorders incorporate an omnidirectional that captures all the surrounding noise. This often means that unwanted sounds, such as wind gusts, are being recorded. An external microphone that plugs into your camcorder will allow you to have more control of recorded sound and quality




How do I make my video look as professional as possible?




One of the aspects that producers consider of vital importance is the quality and directionality of lighting. Before pressing the record button, carefully observe your surroundings and make sure you receive the proper light.


Record indoors gives you more control over the environment, but you need to have a convenient light. If you find it necessary, reinforce the scene with an extra balanced light bulb of natural and bright appearance, and avoid the unflattering shadows. The best option is to record a test scene and make any necessary adjustments. The public should not be able to distinguish whether additional light has been placed.


In general, recording outdoors is easier. Take a quick look through the lens to make sure the sun does the subjects justice, does not dominate them. The time of day you record also plays a key role in the quality and ambiance of the video. In photography, the term “magic hour” has been coined to refer to the moment that most favors filming: the early morning sun and the late afternoon sun bring a flattering and tranquil shine.


Camera Movement


Try not to move the camera while recording, as it generally hurts more than it benefits. Unless there is a clear reason to do so, keep the camera still and let the action unfold on the screen. You can pan or zoom the camera horizontally if necessary, but do your best to prevent the camera from wobbling (remember that a tripod is priceless). Try to avoid sudden or unexpected camera movements. Finally, avoid recording while walking. Rarely, that option ends up giving favorable results.


How do I edit my video?

How to create a promotional video

How to create a promotional video

Special effects and transitions


A well-recorded footage usually requires few special effects. Transitions such as melting, dissolving or panning can be good options for joining two clips, but choose well! Do not over-worship it: transitions that go beyond the line can risk the quality of an otherwise spectacular video. The simplest method is usually the best and offers the most professional looking results.


Background music


When selecting the music that will accompany the video, keep in mind the message you want to transmit. If you use it properly, music has the ability to reinforce the content of your video and become a very powerful tool. Try different songs until you find the one that fits best.


Keep in mind your target audience and location. If your establishment is related to relaxation, peace, and tranquility, choose music that reflects that atmosphere. If your clientele is young looking for a more social scene, you can choose a more lively and rhythmic type of music.


Get feedback


Once you have edited your video and get an end product, teach it to your peers. Pay attention to your comments and consider any changes they suggest. Having worked for a while on the video, you may come to a point where it is difficult for you to remain objective. That is why the opinions of others are so useful.


Online software and tutorials


Many camcorders bring integrated some kind of basic video editing software that should suit your needs. Another option is some computers that come with video editing software already installed. For example, if you have a Mac, you probably have iMovie. If you need to buy software, check the Internet and the electronics stores in your area.


If you need more instructions on how to create a promotional video, you have lots of online tutorials at your disposal. When searching the Internet, be sure to include the name of the software in the question you ask. Although the programs offer similar results, the processes can vary completely between some applications and others.

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