The All in One Printer Ultimate Buyer’s Guide in 2017

A lot of people find all in one printer hard to get to grips with at first. But once you know more about them you will be able to select the one you want with more confidence.

So with that in thinking, we have put together this Buyer’s Guide to try and dispel any of the problems or questions you might have when you are considering which all in one printer to buy. Hope this guide help you to find out the best all in one printers in 2017. Let’s get started, shall we?

The All in One Printer

The All in One Printer

Why should I buy an all in one printer in the first place?


There are several reasons you would want to buy an all in one model as opposed to a basic one. First of all, you will find that a basic printer is just that – it prints and nothing more. An all in one model comes packing a lot more benefits, and you will often find that you can spend nearly the same amount of money on a good all in one printer as you can on a decent printer that doesn’t have any other functions.

As such they are worth buying even if you don’t think you will find much use for the other functions you will find on board. Many people ‘grow into’ their all in one printer, making them more useful. They eventually find they can do far more than they used to, finding new uses for them and making sure they get their money’s worth sooner or later!

But the main advantage is clear. Having an all in one machine means you can use up the smallest amount of space while still having all these functions to get to grips with. You can do such a lot with an all in one printer – and yet it only takes up a little amount of space.


What makes are available to buy?


Don’t worry – you won’t be left in a sea of unrecognizable names. There are lots of brand names you will know here, including Epson, Dell, HP, Lexmark and Kodak. 

Some people stick with the same brand they are familiar with. Others will choose according to the features they want to have. Try and get a balance of both and bear them both in mind if you can. Don’t focus solely on one brand of all in one printer – you might miss out on something better for your needs elsewhere.


Are there any main disadvantages to having an all in one machine?


The biggest disadvantage is that if one part of it chooses to break down and it needs fixing, you will lose all those other functions as well while you are fixing it. This is the only potential downside, though – the benefits of getting all these new features in the same piece of equipment far outweigh the slim chance of anything going wrong with it. It is solely something to bear in mind.


Are cheap all in one printer worth buying?


They can be if you only have very basic needs. If you only ever print off occasional documents and you aren’t using your printer consistently on a daily basis, then these can be very worthwhile. However, as soon as you start to use it more regularly, a more robust all in one printer would be called for.


The different thing to bear in mind is that cheap printers can often mean expensive ink cartridges. Over the longer term that cheap deal you find online could be more expensive than splashing out more in the first place. Always do your research on this bit.








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