What Are The Essential Safety Gears For A Skateboarder?

“OH! No, I am an expert skateboarder. I don’t need to wear any safety gears.” You may say this at the first look of my article. Please, don’t stop reading. Read my full article, then take your decision.

You must enjoy your sport, but by taking enough protection.

I can’t resist myself to write about skateboarding safety gears when I heard the news of the death of my skateboarder friend. The cause of his death was only the carelessness of wearing the protective gears at the time of performing hardflip trick.

So, I request you that never forget to buy essential safety gears of skateboarding, when you are buying a skateboard or longboard. If you like to do various tricks of longboarding, you can choose Jaseboards or Yocaher longboard. You can check Jaseboards review and Yocaher longboard review to know the information about those boards.

Essential Safety Gears

The importance of wearing skateboard safety gears

Always safety is first. It is very much true when you are performing extreme sports like skateboarding. Before learning about essential skateboard safety gears, let’s know its importance.

  • Wearing safety gears can reduce the severity of the injury. You should always wear safety gears while skateboarding whether it is on the road or skate park.
  • You can feel the need of wearing skateboard protective gears only when you see the news of skateboarder’s accident and death.
  • Never think that you are experienced enough as a skateboarder, so it is worthless to wear the protective gears. This confidence (overconfidence) may cause serious injury or even death. You should always ride on a skateboard with full protection either you are a beginner or expert skateboarder.

So, dear skateboarder, be careful of wearing safety gears to make your skateboarding journey risk- free as well as enjoyable.

Now let’s know something about essential protective gears for a skateboarder.

Essential skateboarding safety gears


Before I write about the helmet, I want to ask you a question. What is the core part of a human? Yes, it is the brain as it regulates all the parts of your body.  So, you should take special care of it while performing any extreme sports.

To save your head from serious damage while skateboarding, there is no second option except helmet. But it should be well-fitted with your head. The checklist of a helmet-

  • It must cover your whole head and have sufficient amount of cushioning.
  • Avoid using the loose-fitting helmet as it can’t support your head at the time of the accident.
  • A lightweight helmet is easy to carry for a skateboarder, but you should also check out that whether it is hard enough or not.
  • Buy a helmet with full-face protection for downhill riding.


When you fall from the skateboard, you tend to escape yourself from the hit by stressing on your elbows, knees and palms.  So, these areas of your body become injured very easily.

It is very important to take protection for these highly-affected areas.

Various types of pads are available in the market. You can buy these pads at an affordable price.

By wearing perfect fitting pads, you can get rid of severe injuries of the knees and elbows.

Slide gloves

You need to put your hand on the ground while riding a skateboard for starting or emergency stop or to perform different tricks.

If you don’t wear slide gloves, there are the chance to cut your hand. So, this gear is essential for tricks lover skateboarder. But it is not a must-have gear for cruiser skateboarder.

Slide gloves are different from regular gloves. It is made of high-quality leather or mixed fiber or nylon fiber.

There are removable Velcro puck and slide bars for the fingertips with slide gloves. It will provide your hand added support while you are putting your hand on the ground for turning and sliding.

Additional protection

Without above mentioned three safety gears, there are also some other gears to maximize your safety. They are following-

  • Wrist guards– This gear protects your wrist’s tendons and bone while you fall from the board and want to keep balance by stressing on your hand.
  • Shin guards– As you understand by its name that this safety gear will secure your shin from injury at the time of any skateboarding accident.
  • Leathers– Leather cloth can prevent road rash during speedy skateboard riding.
  • Padded shorts– You can save your lower body from hipper simply by wearing a padded short under your pant.
  • Upper body armor– It lessens the severity of the injury of your upper body during the accident.
  • Ankle guards– This gear provides ankle support and save you from severe damage.

Final Note

The journey of a skateboarder is full of fun and excitement if there is no accident occurs. We don’t expect this bitter moment. So, skateboarders, be aware of wearing safety gears and enjoy every moment of skateboarding.  Happy skateboarding!!!

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