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Retail merchandising is the art of designing your retail outlet in a manner which not only engages the customers with the visual appeal but also entices the visitors while visiting the store. Retail or visual merchandising is the number one strategy for any retailer to increase the customer experience and interaction while in the store. The basic goal of any visual retailing strategy is to maximize the visits to the store resulting in sales. It is the backbone of any retail marketing plan and has importance for any big or small fashion outlet.

Most retailers also feel uncomfortable about it as they are uncertain on what to put in the window display of store. What type of merchandise they should be presenting and how much to showcase in the display. The key to the most successful retail display is the answer to all these questions. These questions are very important as define the overall look of your outlet. And the most important of them all is the display window itself. You are not selling what’s in the store; you are selling what’s in the front of your store.

The very first thing the visitor’s eyes land upon is the display of your shop. Your window is the trailer of your outlet and the trailer needs to be attractive. The most important aspect of any store is its storefront as it tells the visitor why he/she should have a closer look at your merchandise. Award winning merchandise designer Fredrick, MD said, you can have enormous fun from a very small amount of display. You can draw the visitors into your store by creating bright colored props. Adding to her statement she said, drawing customers to the store is like drawing mosquitoes to the light, the brighter it is, the more customers will follow it.

Now that we know the importance of visual merchandising for a fashion brand let’s move on to how you can create compelling display themes for your front wall.

5 tips to create amazingly attractive display themes:

Take time planning your display:

To create a unique and the most exuberant theme for your window, you need to plan every inch of your display. As it is the very first step towards designing it, you should invest plenty of time and effort in it. Effective planning is the key to result oriented merchandising. As the plan created in this phase will be put to reality in the coming, you should look at all the aspects and go for a futuristic approach. Make sure you address all the features. Take how much time it takes as only a successful plan is the guarantee to the exuberant theme. Consider all the aspects and most importantly consider your audience while making a plan for your window.

Follow the trends:

It is important for any retailer to follow the trends and seasons. If you are creating a display for winter while the season is summer, are you sure you are calling them to come in or not even think of it. Following the latest trends is like adding to the user’s choice.  

Use display dolls:

Top 5 Tips on Creating Amazing Display Themes 2

Display dolls commonly known as mannequins are the human replicas made to showcase the clothing or products of the store in the display front. Made with fiberglass it gives a very realistic look when dressed with a proper dress. Mannequins for sale are available in many different shapes, sizes, forms and colors. Bendable mannequin is the mostly used type of doll by the retailers. Using mannequins in the display allows people to guess how the dress will look on their physique.  

Keep it at the eye level:

Your display should be at the height where it can be very easily seen by the viewer. Don’t go for a too low height and also make sure your display is not at the height where viewer has to lift his toes to reach a specific point. Enabling your viewers to interact with the display is also very crucial to create a persuading theme.

Efficient lighting display:

Top 5 Tips on Creating Amazing Display Themes 3

Lighting is also a very crucial element that adds huge amount of interactivity to your theme. A lighting that compliments the overall look and feel of your theme is the best way to entice and make the eyes of the visitor land on the most important elements of your scene. With the help of different lighting you can also create focal points for your special merchandise.

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