Top 15 best effective tips to lose fat once and for all

Here you have everything you need to know! Top 15 best effective tips to lose fat once and for all:


The first thing you have to do is a list, note the changes that you think you could already do, what think you could do next week. Little by little. Sincere yourself. Understands that the important thing is to make this a lifestyle that gradually goes changing your habits, checks my publications this month where I explain all about the habits, I have already given eight habits, four per week to be changing little by little bit.


  1. Watch what you eat. Diet is 70% of everything. To lose fat you have to control calories, quantity, and quality. I told you counted calories and if you are trying woman consume between 1500 and 1600 if you are a man between 2000 and 2500, but we must be realistic, honestly is very difficult to walk counting and recording, it is best to take care of lots, schedules and choose foods quality. No piques between meals is one of the main saboteurs, everything adds up! Make 5-6 small day every 2 or 3 hours meals and glucose control, blood, and appetite.


  1. Manage carbs! They are gasoline, imagine that your body is a car, gasoline, and carbs. If parked you not need. It is mean, carbohydrates are necessary but you must burn! Spend! Consume them in the morning, so you have all day to use and just after training heavy and intense to replenish muscle stores (glycogen) rest consumes PLANTS, these are your main source of “carbohydrate”, yes, they are a type of carbohydrate because fiber is considered a complex carbohydrate that is not assimilated or insulin rises, the amount you want to time it is. Eat fruit in the morning, whole, they are a simple carbo, not juice, calories / fructose and low in fiber … Remember that not all carbohydrates are created equal, not all generate the same hormonal response, is not the same eating bread, sugar, and biscuits to eat oatmeal, brown rice or baked potato. The more comprehensive and glycemic load are smaller, less insulin segregates = burn more fat.
Top 15 best effective tips to lose fat

Top 15 best effective tips to lose fat once and for all

  1. Eat real food! 90% natural. Avoid processed supposedly diet, high in sugar and cereal bars, food the best foods are natural, that man, prepared for you have not been processed: vegetables, lean proteins animals, natural whole grains such as oats, brown rice, medium glycemic load tubers like sweet potatoes, fruits, good natural fats: nuts, avocados, olive oil / coconut, drink water. The less processed, the better your body recognizes and responds, every cell in your body shape and regenerates based on what you eat, and lose billions of cells a day. Not only matter “facade” of the house, the inside and how it works and defended is equally important. Imagine your body is a building, you cannot expect it to last 100 years if you build it with the raw material of second sleazy.


  1. The star in your diet should be protein. Each time you consume accelerate the metabolism because the body has trouble digesting it also helps increase muscle mass which also has a positive effect on metabolism, insulin, and control that allows you to burn fatter as it takes to digest controls appetite. Fish, chicken breast, beef tenderloin or pork, seafood, eggs, whey protein. If you exercise you can consume 2 gr. of protein per kg. that would distribute in 5-6 meals. Ideally, consume 20-40 grams. Per meal (men eat twice). To have an idea, 100 gr. chicken breast has 30 grams. Protein, 4 egg whites 15 gr., 120 gr. fish 28 gr., 1 part whey protein 25 gr … so on. The idea is not to go crazy and eat a whole chicken for food just because it is protein, any excess calories are converted to fat. If you do not have a weight of food (that only use it a couple of days and then learn to visualize your portion), using the palm of your hand closed.


  1. Eat fats! Nuts, avocados, olive oil / coconut … Do not fear them, yes, they are high in calories and calorie dense, but in perspective are allied to improve body composition. It helps improve the functioning of your hormones, insulin levels control, take to digest controls your appetite so they can eat at night because not stimulate insulin. When looking to lose fat ideal, especially if you’re a woman, you choose an energy source for food, both carbohydrates and fat are energy sources, so when you eat protein with starchy carbohydrates such sweet potatoes, beans or rice, do not eat grease. And when you make your meals of protein, vegetables, and fat, do not include foods high in carbs, as I told you, eat foods high in carbs in the day-after entre Nar- and fats you eat at meals evening / night. It is not an unbreakable rule, are recommendations for the common denominator that want to lose fat, there are always exceptions. By day you can eat 40 to 60 grams. Of fat. 24 almonds provide 14 gr. fat, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and natural almonds provide 8g. Fat, 1 tablespoon oil 14 gr., 100 gr. Avocado 13 gr., 120 gr. salmon 16 gr.
best effective tips to lose fat

Top 15 best effective tips to lose fat once and for all

  1. Minimize salt intake, try not to add it to the food and choose to use natural spices, stay away from the sausages and meats, including turkey ham, contains a lot of sodium, each gram of sodium retains five times its weight in water almost all processed foods, bouillon, adobo, canned, all fluid retention and makes more bloated and accentuates cellulite. There are natural foods that provide the necessary sodium, two weeks ago I made a super full respect, publication of egg whites, spinach, seafood, among others, are good sources of sodium.


  1. Try to reduce alcohol until you reach your goal, fat loss, and alcoholic beverages are not allied, when you take alcohol does not burn fat, plain and simple, and depresses your metabolism, you burn fewer calories. Remember and repeat this: fat loss, temporary process, commit to your goals and disciplined without excuses.


  1. Use weights, especially compounds exercise, you work several muscles at once, deadlift, press, squats, pushups, pull-ups, working with your own weight doing push-ups, lunges / lunges, pull ups, planks. Train legs twice a week burn more calories because they are large muscles while you stimulate the rectus abdominals. Do crunches three times a week exercise, always remembering that the abdomen is done with a good diet and cardiovascular exercises with machines like rowing machine (confused choosing one? Here is a good list by, or elliptica only strengthen the muscle that will be visible when you lose fat. If you are overweight and you wonder if you should wait to do weights, the answer is no! MEND strength training and improve your metabolism, fight the flab, sculpts your body. Cardiovascular help you burn calories and fat, but the weights will make your results come faster and be more permanent and impressive. Both they complement and enhance each other. In addition, cardiovascular abuse without weights prevents you strengthen muscles, sagging increases and adversely affects metabolism. Make weights reaching muscle failure when looking to lose fat should lift a weight that allows you to complete 15 to 20 repetitions with a lot of effort, for example, you can get to 20 but it is impossible to reach 22 repetitions, always looking posture. Weights literally turn your body into a fat-burning machine when you constantly train intense super accelerated metabolism and fat burning more efficiently during the day, it is a proven fact! Leave fear because the weights do not get big, you get strong, putting greater the excess calories and lack of exercise, which puts great is fat. Who they are super muscular carry a high-calorie diet, a heavy train that can only do 10 reps, do cardio, and some use steroids. When you see a very large and muscular woman is usually because it has helped with this type of anabolic. We do not have enough testosterone to get unusually large.


  1. Vary the cardiovascular, intense beam intervals three times a week and the other three days at constant intensity cardio, it costs you to hold a conversation for 45 minutes, the high intensity intervals accelerate metabolism, helps burn calories because put your body in an oxygen debt, so the body has to overcompensate and work harder to get oxygen also raises adrenaline, it helps to mobilize fat also protects muscle mass, because it is shorter in duration and walk in moments in anaerobic state, should not last longer than 30 minutes, an example is that you ride on the treadmill and run at full speed for 30 seconds, then climb the slope, you slow down and walk a minute and a half, then again to run and alternate this to complete 25-30 minutes. The constant cardiovascular may be in an elliptical, stair climber or treadmill tilt 12-15 at the same pace for 45 minutes at 70-75% of your cardiovascular capacity. Do this cardio after the weights, you protect muscle mass and burn fatter as fuel doing it this way.


  1. Drink water, 2 to 4 L. a day, keep the body hydrated this way, accelerate metabolism, eliminate toxins, less liquid retain and control appetite. Adequate intake of water is essential to be fit and healthy. A dehydrated body does not burn fat efficiently, unaccountable equal in physical activity and feel hungrier.


  1. Take a day off a week, this helps to balance your hormones, repair muscle tissue, de-stress the body and allow you to return with more energy the next workout. Rest is mandatory and necessary to be fit.


  1. Cheat Meal. When you already have two weeks disciplined in your fat loss plan begins to do once a week a cheat meal, ie one day a week, in 1 meal, you eat what causes you! Hamburger, pizza, pasta, cake, what you ask your heart you! Eat until you are satisfied! Not sick. This food is not fattening. Help! Elevate and improvements thyroid hormones, accelerate metabolism, elevate leptin; a hormone that controls appetite, elevate serotonin, refills muscle glycogen, you are filled with energy and calm anxiety. Try not to drink at this meal, avoid soft drinks / sodas and do a cardio + weight that day and the day after. Make it without fear.


  1. Include foods that help, apple cider vinegar helps lower blood glucose and insulin, includes 1 tablespoon in foods high in carbs also helps detoxify, cinnamon also lowers blood glucose and spicy has a thermal effect increases metabolism slightly. Supplemented with 1000 or 2000 mg. omega 3 a day, are soft capsules are taken with meals, will help fat loss is more efficient, improve insulin sensitivity, accelerate metabolism, lower cholesterol, and triglycerides and improves mood.


  1. Do not weigh, do not measure it, do not obsess with the result, do the best you can the process, take off the pressure off. Avoid comparing yourself to anyone, remember that the idea here is to improve who you are no longer to be someone else, and most importantly, work on your attitude, that’s the best accessory and your best weapon. A good smile, accept the body you have, be happy with the results you get and work on your personality and charisma that stands out more than any toned body.


  1. CONSISTENCY, DEDICATION AND “DISCIPLINE” one day at a time, work hard and give all of you, we all started super excited, but gradually eroding the motivation going, here comes the discipline is the bridge that will take you to your goals, you do what you have even if you do not want, whenever you’re by throwing the towel ask yourself: what do I want? Is this a momentary, instantaneous or Gratuity want my goals? What is more important for you? Breaking the diet and eat a chocolate cake gives you instant pleasure and momentary five minutes, concentrate and not do, do what you need and then see the results, that pants perfect fit, so you look in the mirror and smile at because you liked what you got, that leaves you more. In addition, the get over a craving gives you a feeling of incredible strength, and if you fall well get up, learns the error and continues! Zero stress! Focus! If you want you can!


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